We started working with Yeoman Park through a ‘creative spaces’ project with Creative Partnerships. We facilitated a whole school INSET involving all staff in the school. This identified current problems with the school and how these impact on new approaches to learning that they were trying to develop, explored the vision for how the school might be, and identified some priority areas to work on.


We were subsequently appointed by the school to work with staff to develop ideas further and to co-design a reconfigured and reimagined space for innovative new approaches to learning in one of the current problem areas – the school hall. We developed this into a strategic design that was implemented by the school, and has had a profound impact on the way the school works.


A year later we were asked to work with another staff group to reimagine and reshape the outdoor learning environment, and have more recently worked with another group around the refurbishment and remodelling of the hydrotherapy pool.


We then carried out a learning history with the school to reflect on the processes and outcomes of the hall project. This helped the school to make sense of what worked and why, explore new and future possibilities, and to share the learning from this process more widely.


We are currently (2013) facilitating a curriculum review across the whole school.


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