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We work to support people and organisations through complex change.


Our work is underpinned and informed by living systems thinking: working with connection, identity and information, and the potential for self organisation to support sustainable change.


To support and extend this work we have recently started Our Neighbourhood Learning Ground - an action based inquiry working with our communities here in Nottingham.

We are committed to work that supports:


People: encouraging connection, developing relationships, and challenging inequalities and exclusion


Place: developing stronger and more connected communities and valuing the unique nature of different places and cultures


Planet: recognising the urgent need to find solutions to current social and economic problems that increase the possibility for a balanced and sustainable future.


We work with a variety of different organisations, in a wide variety of different contexts and places, with a clear focus on social justice and collective solutions.


We provide an approach to whole system change that is grounded in our understanding that effective, sustainable change will only come from the ground up, through the involvement and engagement of people at all levels in and around organisations, communities and places. We trust that, given the right climate, people have the capacity and will to creatively imagine, shape and design the changes that we need.


We have developed a process that can be adapted to a variety of different contexts and circumstances to support and facilitate effective change, based around 5 interconnected stages of