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First posted April 2013 - John Mitchell

For many years now we have used big picture storytelling to help individuals, teams and organisations share and make sense of their learning journeys, and used learning histories to explore and understand organisations and change processes through the personal stories of participants across the process. We have recently started combining these two approaches to form a learning and evaluation process that is quick, engaging and highly interactive, and which produces rich and complex, but still very clear and practical learning outcomes.

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First Posted May 2011 - John Mitchell

Over the years we have written a number of learning histories for a variety of different organisations. A learning history is a story told from multiple perspectives, and is a highly participative research approach that helps an organisation reflect on and learn from experience, while also providing an excellent way to explore how this learning might impact on future work.

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Originally Posted: January 2011 - John Mitchell

How do we make and sustain a space for learning in these difficult times?

How do we respond to the challenge and threat of the deepest cuts to essential public services in living memory?

Are the government’s proposals for ‘bottom up’ reorganisation, ‘big society’ and ‘localism’ simply rhetoric to mask the cuts, or do they open up opportunities for much needed radical change?

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