By WiT, Feb 27 2014 03:45PM

First posted September 2012 - John Mitchell

This autumn term we are working with staff and students at Ash Lea School to help them think creatively and strategically about the spaces in their school, and how they might be used differently and developed to improve learning opportunities for the students.

Through this project we are hoping to develop practical and inspiring developments in the use of space in the school, including:

Immediate changes to how spaces are understood and used

Rethinking and trialling of new approaches and ways of using existing spaces and environments

Small scale building alteration projects to remodel or modify existing spaces to suit emerging needs

Longer term strategic site planning as a framework for future developments

The involvement of staff in this exploration of physical spaces will be used to stimulate conversations about how and what the children learn, as part of a broader exploration of the future shape of teaching and learning.

At the heart of this work is the active involvement of all the staff in the school – through workshops with each of the school’s current theme groups, a whole school INSET, and a rethinking space core group, and through action research initiated through this process. As with all our work, it is this active and creative engagement that will be essential to creating a proactive culture of experimentation and change.

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