By WiT, Feb 27 2014 04:09PM

Through 2013 we have been working on a wide variety of interesting and rewarding projects in a variety of different areas.

We have been working with a major international charity to develop and facilitate two extremely succesful leadership and change programmes

Leading to Change is a programme where we worked with people from all levels within the organisation to co-design and facilitate a culture change programme. The aim was to enable people from all roles within the organisation to be proactive in seeing what needed to change for the better and to have a role in making improvements happen. We have used many different processes to create the conditions for people to make these changes. L2C is producing some real change - there is more team working across traditional team boundaries, people are more effectively using one another's skills and abilities, and are proactively identifying changes that are needed and making them happen.

Learning to Lead is an unusual leadership programme. We took the view that everyone in the organisation needs to be a leader and invited anyone from any role to apply to join this prototype programme. From this, a diverse group was chosen to be part of a challenging experiential learning programme, which has explored authentic leadership and working in uncertainty. Positive relationships have been developed between people,creating connection and understanding between parts of the organisation which in turn have created the conditions for change to happen.

We are now developing similar leadership and change programmes to work with volunteers across the organisation


Throughout the year we have been using Forum theatre to support leadership and culture change within organisations. In times of real change and challenge difficult situations and behaviours emerge. We use actors to help participants understand how tough situations and behaviours can develop and then help them to develop insight and practice in making positive interventions.


We completed a second Learning History in Lambeth, which brought together and made sense of the learning from a major change programm. Using grounded theory from this process, we identified nine principles for co-operative leadership and nine principles for creating a co-operative culture to inform this and future projects across the authority.

In the summer we carried out a Learning History to evaluate Nott Ballet a fantastic collaboration between the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Renewal trust in Nottingham. For more about this project see this wonderful film.


We have continued our work with schools, exploring learning and spaces for learning through whole school engagement and dialogue. As budgets have been taken away, the focus of this work has shifted from capital projects to identifying new and creative ways of making the most of existing spaces through new thinking and/ or minor physical changes.

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