The Centre was a newly completed purpose designed building jointly occupied and managed by a community group and a Surestart Children’s Centre. Tensions were starting to develop around the different needs of the different groups and their use and ownership of different spaces in the building.


Before working with the different groups to identify ways forward, we organised a number of different activities to explore the issues, and to help participants to understand the problems in the context of the whole, and from each other’s perspectives.


These activities included:

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From this work we were able to identify issues and start to suggest ways forward in the 4 key areas of vision and aspirations, management and communication, finance/ sustainability, and how the building might be used.


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  • Conversations with key individuals and groups

  • Large scale displays and mapping around the building for people to    contribute and share issues and ideas

  • Analysis of the current use patterns of the building against the business plan

  • An open and interactive workshop to share issues and start to identify solutions