We started working on Our Neighbourhood Learning Ground in late 2017. It has grown from a recognition of the need to explore and create new responses to the many challenges facing communities as funding disappears from local government and existing approaches to complex place-based issues prove increasingly ineffective.


It is an action based inquiry grounded in the communities of our home city Nottingham, but drawing on learning and best practice from around the world.


We are starting small and will follow the energy to see where it leads.


The intention is to connect people and ideas, provoke fresh thinking and collaborations, create and share learning, prototype new approaches, and to explore ways that we can nurture each other to support and grow this work.

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We started provoke15 in early 2018, bringing together groups of activists, change makers and system leaders in an innovative format to connect and share their stories of change, and to create new possibilities and new ways of working.


See here for the growing collection of stories of change, and here for a brief description of the provoke15 process.

See the Our Neighbourhood Learning Ground website for more about this project