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Here is a selection of some articles/ resources we have produced or contributed to. We will add to these as we expand our website.


The Nott Ballet Learning History is an evaluation of an inspirational collaboration between the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Renewal Trust and children and families in St Anns in Nottingham. For more about the project itself, there is a wonderful film of the project made by Broadway


Workspace and Culture Change is a short think piece about how we can use exploration and redesign of workspace to support organisational culture change.


‘Everyone should read this report’ – Paul Collard, Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture and Education. The Bloom Room is a report of a fantastic project with children excluded from mainstream schools. The project was led by artist, musician and poet Dave Stickman Higgins, with creative therapist Berni McBreen and educationalist Sarah Bartholomew. We helped to set up the project and worked with the practitioners on researching and writing the learning history around which the report is based. The project and publication were supported and funded by Nottinghamshire County Council, Arts Council England, Arts Partnership Nottinghamshire and Opun.


Learning History: Yeoman Park Special School, November 2011

Beyond the sum of its parts: organic growth and classroom design in a special school environment is a ‘learning history’ (see here for more about learning histories) reflecting on the learning from the process and outcomes of the development of the remodelled hall and media learning environment at the Yeoman Park Special School


An article for Forum magazine, ‘Setting the Hares Running’, reflects on our experiences of the Building Schools for the Future programme as a learning and change process (rather than simply a building programme), using the conceptual framework of ‘living systems’. It explores the implications of this, both for the shape of the BSF process, and for the design of schools with the potential to transform learning.



Our initial research report on Creative Space is available to download

bloom room Yeoman Park learning history